Sony A7S III Versus RED Komodo

Clever video.  He got us.  Well played.

We are surprised by the results as we’ve seen other comparisons where the RED was obviously better.  Of course the testing and comparison is limited in this video, but the results are still interesting.

Thoughts on the RED Komodo

The RED Komodo is a very interesting option as its price has made it accessible and it has one of the best images in its category.  There are downsides of course too, especially for those who lean towards run-and-gun shooting.  Regardless, we’re always happy to have more competent options is the sub-$10K camera space.

RED Komodo + DZOFilm Vespid Prime Lenses

This shoot employed the RED Komodo along with the DZOFilm Vespid 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm prime lenses.  It provides a nice look of what is possible with this combination.