New Video Shot on the OM SYSTEM OM-1

The OM-1 versus GH6 battle is an interesting one that is good for the consumer.  The GH6 obviously has the edge in video features, but if the auto-focus proves better on the OM1, and you prefer the lighter body of the OM1, then for some use cases, the OM1 may fit the bill better.

Here is the first longer form video shot on the OM-1 that we have seen:

New OM-1 Micro-Four-Thirds Camera


OM-1, previous of Olympus heritage, is the next camera to be released in the OM series.  Olympus has always been a unique offering with good image stabilization and colors, but they always came up just short in the video department.  We’re not sure if this new OM-1 model will be any different.

See this translated blog post from a Japanese source for information about this camera.

When it comes to video features, we’re being told there is 10-bit video and 60FPS 4k, as well:


But there is C4K and reference to “OM-Log400”.

Two Micro-Four-Thirds Announcements, Sort Of

Well, we were expecting more but we get what we get.

Firstly, this is all Panasonic gave us:

The GH6, which is currently under development, aims to achieve both the mobility unique to Micro Four Thirds systems and a variety of video expressiveness. Both the sensor and engine have been newly developed to support 4: 2: 2 10bit Cinema 4K60p video recording, and we plan to achieve unlimited video recording time within the recommended operating temperature. I’m really sorry that I can’t tell you in detail, but please look forward to what kind of camera the GH6, which is still under development by engineers, will be finished.

And this is what Olympus gave us: