Fujinon GFX 100 and GFX 100S to Get Blackmagic Raw (BRAW)

This is exciting news for owners of the Fujinon GFX 100 series owners. The 102MP, 43.8×32.9mm medium format CMOS sensor shared by both of these cameras provides a different look as compared to smaller sensors and may help set your film apart if the look suits your purposes. The GFX 100 has already been shooting ProRes RAW via the ATOMOS Ninja V recorder but BRAW will be very useful in some workflows and is a welcome edition. You will need the Blackmagic Video Assist recorder to record the BRAW.

External recording in Blackmagic RAW will be made available in October, 2021 via a firmware update.

Here is an example of the Fujifilm GFX100 and the Ninja V shooting in Pro Res Raw: