Meike Canon EF to R Lens Adapter

Meike MK-EFTR-B Customized Contorl Ring Adapter for EF/EF-S Lens to EOS-R Cameras

Since Canon offers their own adapter at reasonable price, I really don’t understand the point of this $109 adapter.

Key specifications:

  • Adapter:Allow Canon EF/ EF-S Mount lens to fit on Canon EOS-R Mount Mirrorless Cameras
  • Auto Focus:there are electric contacts connects with lens and camera,supports the function Auto-Exposure, Auto-Focus,Automatic diaphragm and Auto-Aperture of Canon EOS EF EFs Lens and EOS R Camera
  • Compatibility: Enable Canon EF/ EF-S mount lens to fit Canon EOS-R mount mirrorless cameras
  • Metal construction: The metal body ensures the durabilty and enhance use experience.
  • Weight: 130grams
  • Size: 74.4*24mm


More Good Information About the Canon R5c

While the lack of IBIS in the Canon R5c is deal-breaker for some, it’s a non-issue for others.  The remaining question is how does the R5c stack up against the competition?  ProAV helps answer that question: