$1449 Euros for the GH6?

This low price doesn’t seem likely to us – this is likely just a business who put up an arbitrary price.  The previous price leak was $2899 Canadian (which is more likely and more in-line with the new OM1 camera).

UPDATE: We’re now seeing a $2499 Euro price.

Mirrorless Cameras Just Got More Interesting: Nikon Z9

Well, things have certainly gotten more enticing with Nikon Z9 given the leak of the following details:

  • 8K60P
  • Double coated optical low pass filter
  • 120-FPS continuous shooting
  • 20FPS RAW with continuous shooting


Sony A7 IV Specs Unintentionally Leaked

The following tags were found in the metadata of Sony’s teaser video, and boy do they tell us a lot:

  • 4K60P
  • 10-bit 4:2:2 HLG
  • All-I XAVC S-I
  • S-Cinetone
  • S-log3
  • 15+ stops dynamic range (of course we expect actual, measured dynamic range to be lower)
  • vari-angle LCD
  • USB 10Gbps live streaming
  • 33MP

So we won’t have the 4K120P of the Sony A7S III but hopefully we will get a good quality 120FPS at 1080P.  Finally though there is 10-bit 4:2:2 video.  Perhaps this will be a baby A7S III after all.

Panasonic GH6 and Is Panasonic Selling Their Camera Division?

The 5.7K Panasonic GH6 will be announced on October 27th.  Panasonic has repeatedly said the GH6 will me more advanced than the GH5 when it comes to video capabilities so we’re looking forward to see what it brings to the table.

The other rumor about Panasonic potentially seeking a buyer for its LUMIX camera division is more concerning.  Panasonic is more innovative in some ways, and responsive in their firmware, than a lot of the other camera companies.  It would be a shame for the consumer if Panasonic got out of the camera business.

Sony A7 IV to be Announced This Month

We have received and seen several reports that the Sony A7 IV is to be announced in October or early November.  The real question for us is how many of the A7S III features will be inherited? Will we finally get 10-bit internal recording?

The only 3 things we’re seeing consistently mentioned are:

  • new, larger than 24MP sensor (33MP?)
  • $2,499 price
  • 4K 60P

Panasonic LUMIX BS1H L-Mount Camera Coming Soon

The Panasonic BGH1 Cinema 4K for Micro-Four-Thirds, that was released in November of 2020, filled a gap in providing competition to Z-Cam’s offerings and form factors at a low price point ($2000).

It has been reported to us that a 6K, L-mount version in a similar physical format is coming soon, at a higher cost ($3500). This may be a more cinema friendly alternative to Panasonic’s full frame mirror-less range that has been one of the better video offerings in that class (if you don’t mind the lacking auto-focus).

We will post more information as we have it.