RAW on Android Phones?

I’m not sure I want huge RAW video files on my phone, but I do welcome the greater color bit depth.  This video also covers the situation with iPhones to some extent.

Smartphone RAW Video Capabilities Will Continue to Improve

Smartphones will never be a replacement for a proper video setup with a larger sensor and interchangeable lenses.  But smartphones may soon produce a good enough quality for social media delivery and other mediums if you are thoughtful in your approach.

Interesting iPhone 13 Footage

An iPhone will not replace a proper camera let alone a mirrorless camera.  Its ergonomics and features will never be able to match a dedicated camera.  And do you really want to shoot on a device like this where it’s difficult to change settings on the fly?

But we do have to admit, the best camera is the camera that you have with you, and perhaps the iPhone 13 is the ultimate C camera, or good enough for someone who is outputting to YouTube only and wants to stay very minimal in their setup.


FiLMiC Pro Provides ProRest Support for iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max

We believe that FiLMiC Pro as of version 6.17 is the first app for the iPhone to provide ProRes support.

Under the Settings and then Resolution menus, there will be options for:

  • ProRes 422 HQ
  • ProRes 422
  • ProRes LT
  • ProRes Proxy

These codecs vary from approximately 735Mbps to 170Mbps.

It’s nice to see higher quality codecs coming to mobile devices and we can only hope this will force other manufacturers to do the same.