New Catta Full-Frame Cine Zoom Lenses from DZOFilm

DZOFilm has released some wonderful lenses in the affordable cine sector.  The Vespid primes turned out better than we expected.  And their previous Super 35 Pictor zooms were an interesting option for affordable cine zoom lenses.  Now they have released these full-frame cine zoom lenses that certainly look like an interesting option.

Key specifications:

  • 35-80mm (1532g) and 70-135mm (1597g)
  • 240 degree focus throw
  • 2feet 5 (or 6) inch minimal focus distance
  • 77mm filter size
  • 16 iris  blades
  • $3099 each (or both for $5899)
  • E/RF/L/Z and X mount
  • Black and PL/EF options coming in 2022