The Sony A7 IV Reviews Come In

People who were already part of the Sony E ecosystem should be happy with the A7 IV.  Where it gets less clear is for those of us who are video shooters and haven’t committed to a mirrorless camera yet.  Panasonic has some great video mirrorless cameras if you can live without the autofocus.  Usually Nikon isn’t much of a contender but their new Z9 may be a viable option for video.  Canon’s offerings feel better than Sony’s in several ways, but they haven’t been without their own issues and idiosyncrasies.

The 60FPS in 4K on Sony A7 IV is only in crop mode.  The lack of 4K 60FPS in full frame is disappointing.  The 120FPS in 1080P is good for 1080P but we all want 120FPS 4K now-of-days.

The low light on the Sony A7 IV look good.  Maybe even so good that you don’t need to worry about acquiring an A7S III for low light.

Sony’s autofocus continue to improve and this differentiates it from some of its competitors.

Is this the best hybrid camera for the money?