Chiopt EXTREMER: A Very Interesting, New Full Frame Cinema Lens

Chiopt Extremer Cinema Lens

Chiopt, a young Chinese lens manufacturing company, has recently announced and released images of a new, 3X zoom, 28-85mm T3.2 lens.  What makes this lens so interesting is:

  • It could be an affordable full frame cinema zoom lens, something that is lacking on the market (on the Chiopt website this lens is described as cost-effective but no pricing is provided)
  • Parfocal
  • Minimal lens breathing
  • Decent size and weight for a cinema lens of this zoom range (this lens weighs almost 6lbs)
  • 46mm image circle
  • Nice focus throw of 288 degrees
  • Minimum focusing distance of 1.3 inches (40cm)
  • 114mm front lens diameter
  • Both metric and imperial markings on the lens (on opposite sides)
  • User switchable mounts with PL/EF/E being available at the start and more to come
  • Rounded and natural bokeh
  • Adjustable back-focus

On paper this lens looks great.  However, this is a young company that has yet to prove themselves.  We’re glad to see them attempting something bold.  Let’s hope they can pull it off at a good price without sacrificing quality, reliability, or anything else significant to a degree that is not acceptable.  When we get some footage of this lens in action we will post it.

Visit the EXTREMER page on the Chiopt website for more information.

Chiopt Cinema Lens

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